Connecting the dots to divert utensil waste


Living both a healthy and sustainable lifestyle can be expensive and inconvenient. It's no wonder why single-use plastics have infiltrated every moment of our days.

Borrowed Good aims to solve this challenge, starting first with the simple eating utensil. We:

  • Provide metal washable utensils on subscription to restaurants for takeout use
  • Place deposit boxes at places convenient to your daily life, such as your train stop and grocery store
  • Collect dirty utensils from deposit locations
  • Wash and redistribute to restaurants

Additionally, we aim to source the majority of our utensil stock through donations from closing or rebranding businesses, diverting waste directly and preventing plastic from entering the market through our service.


Bring us to your city!

We’re planning a pilot launch and want to know where you would like to see this. Simply sign up your city, share with your friends, and stay tuned!


Provide plastic no more

You can now offer a metal fork for that salad to go and your customers can enjoy a better eating experience; metal works better! You are also saving a plastic utensil from cluttering a landfill or poisoning our water supply--thank you!

Provide Borrowed Good at your restaurant »

Host a deposit box

Are you an office space owner, grocery store manager, city official and want to support this effort? Join the community and help make depositing utensils after use convenient by hosting a deposit. Anyone and everyone can play a part!

Host a deposit box »

Become a utensil supplier

This cycle is made possible by forward thinking brands and chains everywhere. By donating utensils once they are no longer needed, you are directly reducing landfill waste and preventing plastic waste through redistribution.

Become a utensil supplier »


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